An Overdue Update on Navirum

First of all, we wish our US Customers a very Happy Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy some well deserved downtime with loved ones this weekend.

As the cliché goes, starting a business is not easy. Everyone's experience is different. Navirum has been up and running now for a number of months. Its been an incredibly exciting time and we have achieved a huge amount in a relatively short period. The past two months have felt like two years in terms of the volume of work. What I have learned is that running a business can feel like running on a threadmill. The more you increase the speed, the faster you need to run. Similarly, the more you turn up the tempo on your company, the more it will expect of you. In that respect, setting the pace of your business is a bit of a learning curve. 

Whats amazing about running a business is the sheer variety of work you have to deal with. The learning curve is more like a learning horizon - it never stops. When you are working with a small team, you have to do everything. Titles mean very little. The success of your company is defined by your ability to solve problems, kick down walls, and most importantly - deliver for the Customer!

In the short period Navirum has been around, we have signed a number of new Customers across North America and Europe. We finished a global project with, one of Ireland's biggest and most successful tech companies. We are onboarding into the the Salesforce Partner programme, which will be a major step for our business. We have announced partnerships with many of the top apps in the Salesforce ecosystem, such as DocuSign, Conga, Box, and many others. We are in the process of interviewing for our first leadership position - VP of Client Success. And this week, we announced a new business line called Navirum [On Demand], which will help us better serve our startup Customers. 

As the year draws to a close, we look forward to meeting new and existing Customers at the Salesforce World Tour in New York on December 13th. We will begin a new fiscal year in February tighly aligned with Salesforce, forecasting continued growth for the 12 months ahead. The stage is set for a very exciting 2019.